is redwood or cedar better for a deck

Planning Guide: Wood Decks - Bob Vila . As California Redwood Associations Bob Mion points out, In the Southeast youll find lots of Southern yellow pine; in the North Central Midwest, Western red cedar; in the California-Oregon-Washington region, redwood predominantly. You can certainly use redwood for a deck on Cape Codif you pay to ship it there. [ Online Chat +]

redwood vs. pressure-treated lumber for decks - Google Groups . Cedar and Redwood have some natural defense against these, but it's not as good as pressure treated wood, and really isn't suitable for contact with the ground. Protection against water and sun requires some sort of coating. [ Online Chat +]

which is better cedar redwood or treated wood for a deck ... . which is better cedar redwood or treated wood for a deck at andale lumber Deck materials have a significant impact on the life and appearance of your final product. Common woods used for decks include cedar and redwood as well as imported ... [ Online Chat +]

Planning Guide: Wood Decks - Bob Vila . Planning Guide: Wood Decks ... Deck building is certainly a DIY endeavor provided you have better than average building skills and keep the plan simple. ... like redwood and cedar. [ Online Chat +]

Redwood Vs. Pressure-Treated Wood | Hunker . Redwood comes from California's redwood forests, and is used for its aesthetic red appearance and beauty. A high grade type of redwood will resist insect harm and rot. A dback to redwood is its high cost, so much so that redwood use is often kept at a minimum for only part of a construct that is visible. [ Online Chat +]

Choosing Best Deck Material, Atlanta Decking Material Choices . I started building decks in 1989 in Atlanta, GA and prior to that I had built a few decks in Southern Indiana. The majority of the decks were either built with pressure treated southern yellow pine or western red cedar; rarely would I see an exotic hardwood deck or redwood deck being built. [ Online Chat +]

Cedar Vs. Redwood for a Deck | eHow . Cedar tends to be light brown to salmon pink, whereas redwoods are light to dark red. Red cedar varieties are also available that may be closer to redwood in appearance. Port Orford cedar, the lightest option, is the most suited to staining and the longest wearing, according to Brian Bernbaum at CBS News. [ Online Chat +]

The Best Woods for Decks and Porches - ThoughtCo . To add beauty and durability to your cedar deck, use a penetrating stain. Real Cedar is the website of the Canadian-based Western Red Cedar Lumber Association. Look to organizations like this for more information and a better understanding of cedar products. [ Online Chat +]

Deck Finishes | Professional Deck Builder | Finishes and ... . If you have a redwood or cedar deck, it's really important to put a penetrating preservative on it every two or three years. Other than that, decks don't require much maintenance." Scott Gibson is a writer in East Waterboro, Maine. [ Online Chat +]

Decking - Redwood Vs. Cedar - Building & Construction ... . Just finished a 5/4 cedar floor deck with redwood 4x4's and 2x4's,2x6's for the rails with Fortress iron balusters. The project came out very nice it was all stained with superdeck "cedar" and the cedar came out a nice pale yellow and the redwood... well it looked like redwood I like the 5/4 better than the 2x6 as it just looks nicer. [ Online Chat +]

Redwood vs Cedar Which Wood You Choose? . Redwood vs. Cedar Swing Sets. If you have decided on wood as the material for your play set, chances are your are trying to decide on cedar or redwood. Which is better? ... 16 wide, and 12 tall. The deck of the clubhouse is 5 high. The recommended age group is 3-10 years. [ Online Chat +]

. Redwood Decking . Redwood can last up to about 30 years on a well-maintained deck under good circumstances. Redwood is the most fire-resistant decking material on the market. Its use as building cladding is credited with limiting the Great Fire following the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. [ Online Chat +]

Treated pine vs. cedar - WOODWEB . The builder wanted to use cedar, but my feeling was that pine would be better for me. Another concern might be that by using old growth cedar we might be doing more damage to the environment than by harvesting the faster growing, more replaceable, pine. [ Online Chat +]

Deck Defense | This Old House . Restorers contain oxalic acid and are ideal for removing tannin streaks and stains around nail- and screwheads in cedar and redwood decks. Both come in liquid and crystal form and cost about $15 for enough to make 5 gallons of solution (good for 750 to 1,000 square feet of deck area). [ Online Chat +]

Should You Build Your Deck From Wood or Plastic? . Unlike PT lumber, redwood and cedar come is a wide variety of grades, ranging from the most expensive and clearest to the least expensive and knottiest. The California Redwood Association suggests using Construction Common or Deck Common redwood for decking. [ Online Chat +]

cedar vs redwood decking - outdoor deck manufacturer . For many purists, the only choices for decking are redwood or red cedar. Both of these western softwoods are prized for their rich color and natural beauty, and..... [ Contact US] Cedar Vs. Redwood for a Deck | eHow. Cedar Vs. Redwood for a Deck. Deck materials have a significant impact on the life and appearance of your final product. [ Online Chat +]

Redwood Vs. Cedar - TimberTown . For cedar, specifically western red cedar, we turned to the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association () to find out all there is to know about cedar. Our source for information on redwood was Humbolt Redwood ( ), the largest California Redwood supplier in America. [ Online Chat +]

Redwood vs Cedar Which Wood You Choose? . Cedar trees are grown in the northeast United States and Canada. Redwood trees are grown in California. Cedar is also available from international markets. Appearance. Redwood has a reddish-brown color in appearance. Cedar, depending on the type of cedar used, can have a yellow, red, or white appearance in color. [ Online Chat +]

A Comparison of Wood Decks and Composite Decks . Redwood is usually more expensive than cedar and in general, these types of decks come in at about three times the price of treated lumber. A very expensive hardwood also used for decks is ipe , which is also naturally resistant to rot but is a harder wood and therefore more durable than either cedar or redwood. [ Online Chat +]

How to Buy Decking Boards Lumber The Family Handyman . The rich, natural color of redwood and cedar looks fantastic when the deck is new. These woods are also naturally stable and tend to lie flat with minimal checking or cracking. But natural woods will turn gray within the first year or two unless you regularly maintain them with a sealer or finish. [ Online Chat +]

Important Tips Painting or Staining Cedar Wood - Eco Paint ... . Important Tips Painting or Staining Cedar Wood 7 Tips Painting or Staining Cedar Wood Siding Walking into a paint store can be overwhelming, trying to decide which paint or stain coating you wish to provide your exterior Cedar wood and siding, as there are many varieties. [ Online Chat +]

New Redwood Deck Staining Tips | Best Deck Stain Reviews ... . New Redwood Deck Staining Help and Tips The natural beauty of redwood can make for a gorgeous deck that any homeowner would be proud of. Redwood is not as readily available as other types of wood, which makes it more expensive. [ Online Chat +]

Cedar Vs. Redwood for Fencing | Hunker . In general, redwood fencing will be more expensive than cedar due to the relative scarcity of the redwood tree. This is especially true when it comes to wider versus narrow fence boards. White cedar is the most expensive of the three cedar varieties, while red is the most affordable. [ Online Chat +]

Redwood Decking vs. Pressure Treated Decking . Redwood often needs to be predrilled, sanded and finished to bring a deck to completion. All in all, I prefer pressure treated decking over redwood for affordability, but I love the look that redwood has to offer. [ Online Chat +]

Wood Deck vs Composite Deck - Which is Better? - Dallas ... . Cedar Decking Cedar is standard species used for many kinds of decking and construction projects. It has many of the same characteristics Redwood and as such needs the pressure-treated pine for the framing as well as the weather sealant. [ Online Chat +]

Treated pine vs. cedar - WOODWEB . To be fair, cedar posts would not fare as well as treated pine in our environment. You may be lucky to get five years out of an old growth redwood cedar post. To greatly expand the life of your posts, regardless of which you choose, keep them out of the ground, if possible. You can do this by using stirrups mounted in concrete. [ Online Chat +]