can you attach to concret floor

Attaching plywood subfloor to concrete slab : General .... Basically, your plan is sound. It revolves around gluing down plywood panels to concrete as a nailing base for 3/4" hardwood flooring. Not having any experience with that Harbor Freight [ Online Chat +]

Over pouring Old Concrete - The Concrete Network. Concrete that is damaged on the surface but is structurally sound can be repaired by resurfacing. Resurfacing is pouring a thin layer of sand-mix concrete over the existing concrete. [ Online Chat +]

How to Apply Ceramic Tiles to Concrete: 9 Steps (with .... How to Apply Ceramic Tiles to Concrete. ... You can lay tiles on the floor without using spacers on floors, but it is much easier to maintain consistency with them. You will need spacers if [ Online Chat +]

Installing Wood Flooring Over Concrete | The Family Handyman. Installing Wood Flooring Over Concrete. ... Tip: If the 1-1/2 in. height change is too much, consider laying a laminated wood floor instead. It will add less than 3/4 in. of height. You can [ Online Chat +]

Coloring Concrete Overlays - Ways to Color Concrete with a .... The color options for overlays are limitless. You can buy mixes that are pretinted like paint or you can add the pigment of your choice during mixing to produce custom hues. [ Online Chat +]

Fantastic Painted Concrete Floors and Finishes - HouseLogic. Scoring is a simple way to create interesting geometric patterns on a concrete slab. Score lines can be added to a freshly poured slab using a groover tool, or after the concrete has [ Online Chat +]

How to Install Carpet Over Concrete | If you wish to finish your basement remodeling project with carpet on the floor, you will need to know how to install the carpet over the existing concrete floor. With only a few basic [ Online Chat +]

How to Install Carpet on a Concrete Floor | Hunker. How to Install Carpet on a Concrete Floor By Emily Beach. SAVE; It's hard to find a floor covering that can compare to the lush feel of carpet beneath your feet. While this material can [ Online Chat +]

? How To Attach Things To Concrete? - General DIY .... If you must cover the concrete it would be best to attach wood furring strips to the concrete (probably screwed in place) and attach the beadboard to that. I'd be concerned that attaching [ Online Chat +]

Why Concrete Floors Rock | HGTV. Concrete does not deplete natural resources, requires less energy than other floor types to produce, and is made (poured) locally. Concrete is good for indoor air quality because it inhibits [ Online Chat +]

How to pour concrete over concrete - Quora. You can pour more concrete over an existing slab if you do some preparation to the original surface. Concrete that is damaged on the surface but is structurally sound can be repaired by [ Online Chat +]

16d Sinker Nails Can be Concrete Nails | You can use regular 16d sinker nails as concrete nails in an upcoming project where you need to attach a piece of treated lumber to a poured concrete slab or a wall. The wood could be a 2 x [ Online Chat +]

The Best Way to Add Concrete to Existing Concrete - wikiHow. If you got a bag of concrete and mixed it normally, you should use a concrete bonding adhesive to ensure the layers of concrete stick to one another. The adhesive is a liquid that comes in a [ Online Chat +]

How Adding Color to Concrete Sealers Creates Beautiful .... However, if you add too much color, it can start to break down the sealer and make it weaker. The molecular structure gets changed. Similarly, if the pigment is not compatible with the [ Online Chat +]

Concrete Floors | DIY. Thinking about adding a concrete floor to your home? Discover various concrete floor styles, installation tips and much more at . [ Online Chat +]

How to Install Radiant Floor Heating on an Existing .... 11 Comments on How to Install Radiant Floor Heating on an Existing Concrete Slab You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. [ Online Chat +]

adding bath to concrete slab foundation house - Bob Vila. Hi, We just bought a new house in LA built in 60s and want to add on to the back to add a master bath. The house has a concrete slab foundation so I am not sure how to tie into the existing [ Online Chat +]

attaching threshold to concrete floor - Forum - Bob Vila. PL Premium polyurethyne construction adhesive is the best glue on the face of the earth, IMO and will practically weld your wood threshold to the concrete. [ Online Chat +]