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Industrial Wood Products - American Pole & Timber . Polyshield coated wood also assures environmental protection because it prevents the leaching of the chemicals used for treating the wood into the surrounding soil or water. MAXIMUM DURABILITY Our special polymer coating is an incredibly tough polymer membrane that bonds to wood, preventing destruction from marine borers, dry rot, and termites. [ Online Chat +]

Dock and Pier Materials - Building Products Plus . Use wood treated to the proper levels for the kind of water you are building in. For freshwater, use a minimum of .60 pcf pressure treated wood and use 2.5 pcf treated wood for building a pier or dock in saltwater. [ Online Chat +]

What Causes Wood to Rot? | Professional Deck Builder ... . Some pressure-treated wood has a water-repellent additive applied during the treatment process, but even then the USDA Forest Products Laboratory recommends the use of a semi-transparent oil-based stain. This particular type of finish penetrates the wood, provides UV protection, and repels water without forming a film on the surface of the wood. [ Online Chat +]

Treated Wood Vs. Waterproofing | Hunker . Alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) is the chemical used to treat lumber sold in home centers and lumber yards for residential use. ACQ treated lumber replaced chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated lumber which contained arsenic. [ Online Chat +]

Wood Myths: Facts and Fictions About Wood | Building and ... . 10) Pressure treated lumber is resistant to attack by termites and carpenter ants. This assumption is half true. Entomological studies have shown that arsenical treatments like the CCA commonly used in pressure treated lumber does repel and can kill termites. Termites that eat treated lumber will die. [ Online Chat +]

Specification Guide for Wolmanized Wood . Wolmanized® pressure-treated wood is treated to various retention levels that are intended to protect the wood for particular applications. Retention levels indicate the amount of preservative retained in the wood in a specific assay zone. In North America, retention is expressed in pounds per cubic foot (pcf). [ Online Chat +]

type of wood for posts underwater | Property Projects ... . If you have to use wood posts, I believe AC2 treatment is rated for underground/water use. Regular treated wood is not. We have used 2" galvanized pipe for pier posts, and they have been in the lake since the mid 1970's. [ Online Chat +]

The Difference between Marine Grade Plywood and Pressure ... . Pressure-treated plywood, often called Wolmanized or P.T. plywood, is not Marine grade plywood, and those designations do not make the two products arbitrarily interchangeable. Pressure treated plywood is common plywood that has been subjected to pressure treatment with chemicals to prevent the wood from decaying, or rotting . [ Online Chat +]

Pressure Treated Lumber & Piling - Coastal Wood Corp ... . Pressure Treated Lumber & Piling Pressure Treated Dimension Lumber Southern yellow pine is the most commonly used wood in the U.S. due to its durability, versatility, and renewable nature. [ Online Chat +]

How long does it normally take pressure treated lumber to ... . Pressure treated wood and kiln dried wood are used together everyday. The bottom plate of many walls are made with pressure treated wood. The newer formula for pressure treating is copper based and will bleed a little bit of the green color on to the other wood, but it will not harm it. [ Online Chat +]

Frequently Asked Questions | SFP - Pressure Treated Lumber ... . When wood is required to come into contact with the ground, its important to use specially treated lumber that is designed and prepared for this purpose. Ground contact pressure treated lumber is developed to handle the additional moisture it encounters when meeting the ground. [ Online Chat +]

Pilings Treated Wood and Alternatives . pilings treated wood and alternatives page 4 California Coastal Commission Water Quality Fact Sheet Series Spring 2012 least 18 inches below the mudline to contain treatment chemicals. [ Online Chat +]

use composite lumber underwater - Outside Wpc Deck . Treated Lumber and Alternatives in the Garden - Purdue University 3 Mar 2005 ... Many gardeners have made use of treated lumber in their raised beds, ... can only be used in above-ground structures (no underwater usage). ... [ Online Chat +]

Find a Dealer | YellaWood . Where to buy pressure treated lumber. Industrial ... Salt Water Treated; Greenbush Logistics, Inc. White Lumber Sales; YellaWood Export; Contact Us Search SEARCH Home / Find a Dealer. Use My Location. OR. Zip. Radius. Dealer Type. FIND A YELLAWOOD ® BRAND DEALER NEAR YOU . Find a Dealer ; About Us ... [ Online Chat +]

Pond Dock Question. | Kentucky Hunting . Pressure treated is guaranteed for 30 years in direct water contact, and mine has been in for 16 years. If it fell apart tomorrow I'd not worry about any warranty, and rebuild just as before. I don't remember the brand of lumber used anyway, and I sure didn't keep any receipts. [ Online Chat +]

Shop Treated Lumber at . Shop treated lumber in the lumber & composites section of . Find quality treated lumber online or in store. [ Online Chat +]

Building a Pier | Selecting a site | Pond Boss Forum . The CCA treated lumber Burger is describing is hardly available at your local lumber yards. It may be of more concern to make sure proper fastener materials are utilized so that people don't fall through the pier 3 years after it is built due to corrosion failure of the fasteners. [ Online Chat +]

The corrosive problem of ACQ treated lumber . The old treated lumber used an Arsenic-based preservative solution, and was known as CCA treated lumber (chromated copper arsenate). The new chemical formula is known as ACQ treated lumber (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). [ Online Chat +]

FAQ - Treated Wood - CWC . treated wood will have a shorter service life than incised CCA-treated wood, but the difference may not be noticeable in the short term (under 20 years) in relatively low decay hazards such as decking. [ Online Chat +]

Can wood be preserved underwater? - . (Under water, in the absence of oxygen, wood does not decay. It is petrified as a result of the constant flow of mineral-rich water around and through it, so that it becomes a stone-like structure.) I found it surprising and would have thought that wood decays underwater. [ Online Chat +]

Is All Pressure Treated Lumber Created The Same? Home ... . It's hard to imagine, but most of us have it stuck in our head that treated lumber doesn't rot and termites won't touch it with a 10 foot pole, but that might not always be true. Category Howto ... [ Online Chat +]

Common Misuses & Related Best Practices - Cox Industries . PRESSURE-TREATED WOOD Common Misuses & Related Best Practices. Using the right pressure-treated wood for a project is key to ensuring wood maintains its beauty, vitality, durability and structural benefits. And when it comes to pressure-treated wood for decks, porches and other outdoor applications, there is a high standard of ... [ Online Chat +]

Facts About Pressure Treated Lumber | YellaWood . Facts About Pressure Treated Lumber Some frequently asked questions about pressure treated lumber: What is pressure treated lumber? Pressure treated lumber products, such as YellaWood ® brand products, are treated in a pressurized cylinder. The treatment process forces a waterborne preservative deep into the cellular structure of the wood providing long-term protection against rot, fungal ... [ Online Chat +]

Dock Pilings | Wood Dock Pilings | Pressure Treated Marine ... . Gulf Coast Lumber is a leading supplier of marine treated wood dock pilings & timber for boathouses, bridges, bulkheads, docks, decks, foundations, and piers. Wood Dock Pilings are shipped daily to locations across Texas and Louisiana including Bolivar Peninsula, Beaumont, Conroe, Galveston, Orange, Houston. [ Online Chat +]

How long does wood last under water - . If you knew your lung volume, breathed 12 times a minute and sat on the surface you would be able to calculate how long the cylinder would last, however when you go under water the pressure increases by one atmosphere per 33 feet. [ Online Chat +]